Do you see the conspiracy – I do ( a tale ) …

I dart to the grocery store right – I need some fresh earth, greens etc … I park my NICE bike and see the security guard up ahead as I reach he starts to beam my way WTF I think. I fray the stare lock my sh*t so no one can easily take it and proceed to walk into the store. I chop it up with my fam who works in the produce section there then I leave for a minute and then he tries to introduce me to the same securiy guard acting retarded a while ago when I got back – it wasn’t happening. The security guy commented that when he saw me outside the store I acted like l had “a lot of enemies” WTF ? PAUSE folks, can you see the conspiracy? Why would you paint such a F*ed up picture for a stranger someone with whom you have no acquaintance whatsoever. ENEMIES ? I said yeah, when your this skin color you may have a lot of enemies but I’m not a complainer. He had no further comment – he knew what I meant but still, why should he get away with such reckless talk. The conspiracy here is ever so subtle, spells are every being casted on us, words meant to cause certain feelings and thoughts, what a hell of a way to meet someone asshole security guard your officially a covetous little bitch – congrats. I’m fed up with random ass people figuring it’s ok to say stupid shit to me like its cool because oh, you’re black and you’ll suck it up to “make nice” to seem refined not like the other Negro’s – OK bro. I’m not saying I’m going to react to it but no F*ing way I’m going to suck it up like a nut-less eunuch . Conspiracies are waged everyone, they are the words used to paint reality and they are taken so lightly because words have no weigh in mass. BE care-ful . SALUTE
– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 16, 2014.

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