I’ve learned through experience to filter who I  will and won’t allow into my life. I saw the movie The Lost Boys when it was actually at theaters which means I am kool, and I’m old!  Old enough to speak from some vantage point at least. Well, throughout the film it was stated that you’d first have to invite a vampire into your home before they could harm you, that stuck with me even today. That is not to say I live In suspicion of everyone , it only means once someone reveals who they are to me I believe them. In my life I have a respectable “quarantine” of people who want to matter but just don’t . I have RELATIVES  who almost demand importance in my life, I’ve been told  “we’re blood” which meant  they should have the right to say what they will to me with a kind of diplomatic immunity , no dice  . I don’t reply I just computer-mode it because I can say things that make people want to kill me which are true but very difficult to accept at times. I intensely feel when someone is inching into my personal space to in effect make themselves important. It is a kind of cheap way of gaining power over other , say you do something great, of note,  – they who do nothing of significance will critique what you do to in a way equalize you with them.  Much of the drama we accept is dealt by people who don’t even matter – its easy to just walk away from them as nothing is at stake and furthermore it provides the justification for  never interacting with them, they can’t hold you in contempt for that. I once treated people with respect even after they had disrespect me – I was operating off of  magnanimity – but now I simply don’t acknowledge they’re existence anymore and I have every right. If they can’t see the god in themselves they won’t get close enough to try to deny the god in me they get vetted . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 8, 2014.

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