99.5 plant diet, here’s why..

To the uninitiated I am “vegetarian” since I tend to not eat meat . To me , the  idea of what someone who doesn’t eat meat is like are  somewhat antiquated . While I don’t fret  over the possibility my fries were cooked in animal fat , wait I would seriously have to think about that one, I do favor the “plant based” diet by default. I’m just not consumed by it so to speak.  Technically someone who eats anything with meat byproducts in it is not a vegetarian, the going term now is “flexatarian”, look it up no lie. 
I have to salute the Joe Rogan podcast for getting hunters on to perhaps  enlighten those who are indeed reachable as to the humanity of meat eating – dare I say it . Check out themeateater.com when you have time, its dope. Prepackaged meat is in my view so far removed from the act of killing the animal to be considered conscious eating, convent albeit .  We should at least be near to the process by which the burger becomes a burger out of respect to the animal.
Could you imagine if we had no inkling as to our origins we were taught that too, perhaps a bit of a reach but it’s true. Earlier I did mention conscious eating I will now offer the reason I disfavor the mainstream approach to eating meat. It has lead to over fishing and to  F*ed up living conditions for the  livestock. I can’t cross the two – not while simultaneously being 100 with myself. As I see it there’s a chasm in perception here which maybe unbridgeable, it is a lack of urgency to the implications. You’re a dumb F if it doesn’t matter because the law of cause and effect still applies.  The stupid shit we do will come back to haunt us not in some karmic revenge airy fairy way. But very simply given my reasons – in less and less fish for generations to come and new diseases born of the factory farmed animals we eat. SALUTE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 16, 2014.

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