Bro, whose mad when it rains ?


This could be about how I won’t let  climate stop me for building – albeit tropical climate the fact remains – I even run in crazy lightning wind storms  so…  Matter of fact, I was just building with my kin about the fact that this winter was much more productive for me in my gains as opposed to last winter. It’s not about that though it’s centered on something  more subtle  in terms of my human observation shtick – there’s some Zen stuff in there too so grab some popcorn , matter of fact I’m really good at it perhaps bordering on “good paranoia”. As opposed to being blind to game, I say being oblivious leads to oblivion – walk with me…
People try to personalize what other people do to you. People TRY to “personalize” what PPL do to “you”.  They say that was horrible what THEY did to YOU. THEY/ YOU – who me ?  They try to stoke the would be flames and brace for cheap titillation found  in your reaction to having been wronged.  I don’t see it that way. To paraphrase the Bhagavad-Gita Forces of nature act on other forces of nature. So again I ask “who gets mad when it rains” bro ?  It is certain that opposition makes a play. It is also certain that anyone ANYONE who moves with certainty in a certain way will meet with opposition – this ain’t rocket science . Conversely it will rain – get it now ?
The setting up of the plot is what I won’t get or better ACCEPT . AS is not even a challenge to the action taken by the one on a path who stands out. It is a ego attack by making it a personality contest and not about who does what. YOU can’t do anything to me for “I” am a force not a target and the attempt to stop my movement by a certain event in time is plain to me –  GAME. Therefore don’t give ear to those who wish to talk themselves into your life of doing. These who do things in effort to effect your resolve like for example stealing something they know you value. YOU / ME, things ? These are all means by which to apply gravity to the flying not gonna happen SORRY , so I repeat , who  cry’s when it rains – not me . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 22, 2014.

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