Random… Springs upon us


I sit to write and am overrode by a sense of wellbeing ( not a good thing, a writer must be constantly distraught ) . A general stay-the-course vibe befalls me, cool. In keeping with the principals found in the book “how to live on 24 hours a day” which is EPIC I make myself apply discipline to time . If ever I am to become great which I am I must continue to reinforce a solid base. It occurred to me in my commute on yesterday, “I am not here right now”. Since I was fellowshipping with myself  I didn’t need to unpack what was meant by “im not here “ but with respect to YOU the reader.

One hones his or her  talents alone away for the theater of action – then present them to the world” ( in quotes ) . In every stride is broadcasted a person’s spirit ( “deep” ) . While even in the moment’s pregnancy the forethought acting as a anchor or axis point grounds us to the earth – preceding events.  One should emit purposely, I didn’t always see it as this. I use to act as an  “echo”  ( that I won’t unpack )  – keeping it real. Now I say no matter what happens bring myself into the optimal state to experience the nectar out  of life. Bring myself  out of any unwelcoming  state with sheer will. Not high not low but as a finely tuned fuel efficient machine, smooth. Its weird to me to look at something and say I can’t have that because I cant afford it. Isnt that weird ? How can there be things we can’t have if we want them. It seems impossible to me – but sure enough it is apparently so for now, I think. SALUTE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 24, 2014.

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