Memory & Affinity ( DO EXTRACT ) …

07 – 28 – 01

Here’s how I memorize the above sequence of numbers  >>> 
Since we’re taught the basics of counting at an early age it’s pretty much burnt into our brains. What a wealth spring to tap into right – or is it an  ineffable imprint  causing one life trama’s and unspeakable shame, you decide.

Let me count the ways …

“7” comes before 8 and 8 is the second ( 2 ) in the combination which gives us “28” I then use the first number in the combination 7 plus the third number in the sequence 1 to equal 8 the second digit in the second number in the combination, which makes me remember that “1” is the 3rd  number in the series presto !

That’s how I remember 7-28-1 in a full proof way that makes sense to me personally and it happens in a flash before I could even think about it. The next level is unconscious recounting which happens of its own accord, like cooking, you set the temperature right for the meat to be done properly – already.

And here’s a bonus memory hack, since I have a bunch of locks with 3 digits combos I make a note of the place they are for in addition to remembering the combination. Lock for garage , lock for gate etc – there it is folks … SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 8, 2014.

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