Feeling Timeless …


Herd behavior group psychology yeah I get it, but why do we at the forefront no longer wish to nest in mud-huts and be subjected to the whim of tides. It takes generations to figure it out or one innovation to spark it – your right alluding to electricity.  It is  painful to even fathom a thousand years from now as we would no longer be. But I challenge you to suspend yourself and for a second see don’t you feel timeless. A thousand years, what about me do I wish to hold on to for that long a spell – and under what spell .  It now seems absurd, not even the Ancient Egyptian pyramids are everlasting I’m exaggerating about that though who knows. I am the one impossible to be broken not even by time, I am rather its friend. I from its vantage have the advantage. I temper myself and wait like a tiger ducked off in cover at the edge of a cliff overlooking the expanse. Sometimes when you take in epic scenery you get lost and have to reenter your shell, you become part of the picture now. Then you might even feel you are the creator of all this, the mountains to the metropolis. SO why would I fret over the ticking sound of a timex for. It is for slaved actually, time is for slaves, the ancients saw things in cycles, in events. I am getting angry now to think how I was so owned by the passing of hours . But it passes as I am once again resolute, see the strong continues. SALUTE!

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 9, 2014.

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