F*ing B*tch



(seriously no offence to the model in this picture but she looks close to the target )


Why won’t she just get F*ed, a toady face though, explains a whole lot – and LOUD, no chance. Why when people are ugly as she, wont they just be nicer, ugly and mean  that really makes a disgust. Let me recount and justify to you my entrance in this way.  My appeal to you is this, I know when I am being F*ed with and it’s because I won’t give her my energy, her friend the other girl banging AF  and bent over  right in front of me causing a chain reaction. The look on the faces of her friend told it all. She knew what she was doing and you see, I played along that made the toady jealous. She began  to rant on to feign importance in a belligerent way to annoy you. When all else fails seek status and rank I guess, with rancor. But short of that, just  fake it to you make it then b*tch. I,  thinking in the moment put on my earphones to block her psycho babble attack on the ear passage  – flawless victory. Almost at once I swear to you she pulled the plug, just stopped talking. If I didn’t know any better it could be said that I was making this all up but her immediate silence – that was the tell. The B* just went blank – weird AF. People have a way of embracing a bad trait and wallow in it like a pig in its own shit. How defeated one must feel to go on that way. Just think of the implications, you’re a victim so cry-cry-cry. Your born  ugly, but you don’t have to act ugly too do you . SALUTE !

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 9, 2014.

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