Anti-pathic’s (socio ) ANY “race” “group” “subculture” …
In all groups there are cockroaches, not only that – scavengers leeches predators and your typical morons , how’s that for the intro !? I hate nerds who… Are intolerant of my lack of tech knowledge, I am yet to  experience it personally ( as I am nerdy enough to speak nerd ) but had I, I know that  I would hate them so there , yes to make my point I lied – WHAT. Fact is, even the softest groups have means by which to exact power, i.e. be assholes – it’s a choice , I would hate to imply that power in itself was inherently evil touché . Of the many machinations – I find hoarders of information to be of a unique despicability to behold, as now more than ever information applied righty can f*ing free slaves not hyperbole yo.
RACE – though I find the subject exhausted I hate – people who put race before humanity and I don’t mean in a we-are-the-world sense.  I mean they harbor terrorist, sorry I had to . But seriously what I mean is they speak of their “race” with romantic notions as if there we’re  no cockroaches amid them  – don’t do that! Thing about the subject of race is it stretches out into infinity in also infinite directions so F * it I digress. The sociopath aware of perception as he masters appearances credits to Machiavelli. He or she with the groups refuge or good name wreak havoc on others for selfish interests. Hence the play on words Anit-pathic, give a F what group you’re in if you’re F*ed up your F*ed up point them out yo. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 18, 2014.

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