Internet Trolls in 3D ( 4D ? ) …

Yo, under the auspices of cracking sh*t open, as in codes, as in safes – as in yeah, being unsafe i.e. comfort zone – leaving it … I jokingly tell the kids on the bars doing muscle-up’s ( white kids ) to stop showing off. They stopped and gave a blank expression, ha no pressure. They go on to ask me if I could do a muscle up. This sh*t is all trivial to me , the circus sh*t for the most part doesn’t mean anything to me – its basic and nothing new. When you start doing ill sh*t salute . I alos like how they reference  hanibal for king, ask if I had heard of him –  almost unanimously, hence the internet troll designation.

   So I did a muscle up and somehow we got into training and use of roid’s – basically talking theory. I am really having trouble writing this now – you folks are lucky to enjoy me extracting this story with no effort of your own – lucky bastards ! Give me some license here as I press  fast-forward , the point of the story is the dude was talking mad sh*t and looked diminutive AF not judging another dude , but he was talking as if he was a super human beast I F*ing hate that sh*t. But it would be ok if he didn’t soft-hate at the same time. So I’m too dumb to realize your using belittling language or your just to dumb to be more tactful , but that’s how little b*tches be actin’ F*ing internet trolls live (lyvve) in real time , boy-I-tell-ya ! SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 18, 2014.

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