Hahah F*ckerz ! ( very creative title I know )…

Hahah F*ckerz !
So this was my fret to be frowned upon by passersby. I could give 2 sh*t’s lets dance. The tax of being known above the rest not saying I am, yet a cut above no doubt. I continually renew and forge myself parallel to the inertia of being a living organisms.  After all ,even the sun will eventually go dim and too the spinning top will fall to one side inert. But this , the cutting edge making the blood  warmer and the poison of adrenaline transmute into gold. I meet her there and just start in ( talking ) at first turbulence then we take to the sky. I’m being vague on purpose sorry. What’s the point right , I’m looking around and people look mad, you would think they would be happy that the good vibes were flowing into the world. I know it’s because she’s beautiful and they are jealous, but not really jealous as they think. Really they want the same to be the guy or girl in the picture but for some reason won’t take the dive. So more than jealousy we are cowards an even worst fate. My former self would have cared, I can’t even remember actually if I ever cared . Time and again the story of the desperate lot has the same ending. Her lips her eyes behind those glasses I see why they were mad, just as well. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 19, 2014.

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