Epic day in motion with the ocean…

I hit the beach early today, somewhat of in a trance and above it all.Man on a mission and just what it might be will unfold in real time like silver surfer. How does one intent on becoming a super human manage to sharpen his sword in the sand. I did some kites , that’s sprints with the run chute for the uninitiated. Combined with some ankle work – mostly incline lunges up sand hills and backwards down. Front kicks in the water – the water was about 2 ft for like the first 30 yards – the perfect storrm . Quite the scene everywhere was beauty interpreted that as plenty. Caught some crook going through my sh*t though and also got 2 freakin’ packs of  brown rice pasta stolen and a few cliff bars . Oh well sh*t happens, I’m definitely late in the game as for the predatory nature in those lurking eagerly in the background. It’s almost unreal to catch someone in the process of taking what’s yours. It’s as if it we’re some weird joke, but alas it was real and it did happen actually. Had a couple cheer for me while I was running with the chute I threw up rock_on in response – epic day my friend’s ! SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 27, 2014.

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