Computer Age Magic…


I cannot just say anything, as I feel the tendency is to simply vomit words on others as a way of gaining ground. My cousin noticed also how a few people we have in common utter meaningless detours. To which I  replied happily  that’s when I go computer-mode yes/no 1/0 when dealing with them. Meaningless detours, my note of caution to you is this. Perhaps we lend a ear out of pity besides what is the loss  . But when the feeling of agitation comes do not hesitate to break for them by all means. I notice what my cousin does sometimes  is this , when they say something stupid and await a response he will use that pregnant moment to remind them of something they forgot to do or should do. Its epic to see it go down, it throws them off completely. Simultaneously he voids the stupid sh*t they said  I’m stealing that technique !
While we are being forced  to compete with computers on the one hand. The other side is over emotional meaningless banter being hurled to make us even. We are not even, one uses words to uplift the other to bring down so we can never be on par.  One must stay above word games and be pure with the intention of rising up. All mediums all tools are the means by which I exercise. Like I said today to my cousin when he asked how I did it , I replied happily “ a ni**a must stay vigilant”, as  it’s nothing short of magic as we traverse these holograms with the greatest of ease ! SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 10, 2014.

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