Feel the pain and learn…

Don’t switch off, experience it patiently I resolve and zoomed in fully. Before, I could easily have fled to higher ground, in the respite of my own pride. In her I have no claim besides, yes the same tired story – a weighty tale in color and with gravity once it’s we who are the one’s catapulted. Anyway I said hi to her  in passing as she bubbled in talk with another dude who I happen to know and respect. As I neared he preempted it by saying  good to see you while extending his hand in greeting in her presence, perfect form surely she was impressed by his social acumen. I would have done the same, she greeted me warmly and I kept along while in pain. Yes I didn’t stop and chop it up with them, as I wasn’t going to extend myself even as far as I had for fear of reeking desperation.  Would she abruptly end her exchange with him to catch up with me – no, would have been rude in her eyes to do – not her style. Nor would I invest myself anymore than I already had done so stasis… As a parting shot I paused a few squares down the way and feigned a preoccupied scene,not expectantly or with entitlement but with hope.  I half wanted to bunker in nearby and see how long they continued to talk but that was not possible for me principally.  What I did do was nest around the corner fully awakened and then decided to do my line art meditation. Breath lines breathe lines and the pain was transmuted into forthrightness suddenly like that. Then like a magnet I began to draw people near like a charismatic figure many things were channeled to me at once. Replaced by airlessness was power and possibility anew.  I say embrace the pain even as onlookers wondered what, as they harbored jealous sublimations. It’s happened before and before again,  it quickens my hearts resolve how the watchers so enjoy the fall . There was no fall only flow and the juice of life being purified once more with fire.  SALUTE!
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 16, 2014.

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