Look again…

It is said that a genius has no place as they aren’t  easily placed into a box. The same momentum which tethers us close to home he escapes. In the world of “I am a” he is not so easily pinned down but alas has compassion is for regular folks, he creates  in essence for the people and for  himself no doubt. Look again at the man cutting your lawn the construction worker the dish washer or perhaps you know already. To labor for sustenance or be a beggar – most men would choose labor, besides it  is no great expense if it provides one meaningful time to create. And no man who is a man wishes to be at the whim and mercy of others so far as he has a say. But more importantly ones sustenance should not be won at the expense of his dignity. Before my current job I vowed to never work again, to work for “the man” but I saw something on the flip side of the extremes and made a concession with my pride. I was hustling water on the corner after being guilted like I was a freeloader by family WTF I thought. Anyway I’m like  a natural with sales give me anything and I can move it. I used money I got from small record sales overseas to get my peddlers license and went H.A.M .  with bottle water.  A few people could see my drive over time I was offered  opportunities some legal and otherwise – no less, I ended up cutting yards. But unlike those who see themselves through society’s prism ( prison )  I  was not concerned by it. I figured at least I’m working for  someone who’s a friend of my family which meant to me I wouldn’t  be exploited and at least I don’t have to deal with the slimy politics of the workplace . Anyway I didn’t fit in with the other workers most of the time, they were thoroughly socially engineered most . Some  were addicts and even a religious swindler  or two I crossed paths with no less. There were fights between workers and my life was threatened by a ex con who remembers me from school but I didn’t know him at all but he was the brother of the dude who owned the business. No less I was surrounded by people in pain to add I was being exploited, overworked like I had no other out.  It’s amazing how some people will push the line see what you will accept and push the line even more not knowing your simply giving them enough  rope to hang themselves with. That would mean I no longer respect you and have no more understanding.  Anyway I exploded one day and never went back sorry for the vagueness it’s not important what lead to the ending I promise you. I said F this I would rather work a sucker job than to deal with the scarcity mentality on the streets. I can’t  claim to be well read I am more of the A D D knowledge reaper drone. I can say I seem to find  the nectar from great people somehow I end up finding out about the greats –  like attracts like right. I salute workers differently it’s a untold story that many are more than what they appear and how appearances can be a folly . I see more, I have a reverence for the day laborers and true many have been socially engineered but 1 in 10 or 20 is a master of something that could change the world if it gained ground  this you can bank on. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 16, 2014.

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