F being young!

Young this young that,  with added  gusto on the top of the stage handles of these wack ass rappers, F that youth is wasted on the young. They can’t F they can’t cook and most of all they lack perspective. Everything is a crisis, no wi-fi here omg wtf smh. But seriously folks I could have titled this the beauty of age, beach wood aged of some other highfalutin call to arms for those of us pushing 40 and beyond I resisted. Now young people who gravitate to older people for their wisdom and see the stupidity in their own friends another animal entirely but who am I . Nothing beats experience and the quest for knowledge combined is a fortified time machine. One is only so old as they feel and biologically it can be quantified, that was a tilt of the hat to science bro. Awe science, or purely the power of observation, give thanks. Give thanks for the ability to learn from trial and error nothing against youth as I am for the most part young at heart. I think that phrase has something to do with having no weighing baggage from the tests that life presents to us. That’s it, my work is done here ! SALUE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on May 24, 2014.

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