Kindness Rebel

How dare you label me  “nice guy” everyone knows  what the down side of  that  is – “finish last”. I will happily take that “L” ( loss ) . But no I can’t abide the framework by which it is measured. FRAMEWORK folk’s …
Yes measured, as in – what do you mean by finish last. Last ? B.S. Words to live by – fight fire with water, ergo waterist ergo flow/freedom. Water…
Poor tainted souls I pity thee, but don’t abide, don’t dare volley vomit with them I offer. Or, if you like to play in the mud have at it no thanks but more power to you. What a waste to ruminate on not having the perfect comeback to what a stupid MF said to you. Or a random passerby who looked at you the wrong way – laugh! Does that make me nice? By nice agreeable, being agreeable implies acquiescence, but look again – isn’t being nice itself counterintuitive. Being seen as nice doesn’t make you immune to conflict though now does it. Some I could  argue it pretty much makes you a target, this niceness stuff.   Have compassion for the vested blues, yes they are vested in blue pill reality, bank balance status public opinion – onions ( it flowed nicely ) . Ok I’m done my kin . SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 6, 2014.

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