I see you but I don’t see you ( don’t have staring contest with people )

Your walking down the street and a sketchy group  start to “size you” as they approach – that means stare you down to get you nervous or make you look at them so what do you do. Do you bow your head under the weight or do you stick out your chest defensively. Neither of which, you should indirectly looks in the same direction while doing what you were already doing. It transmits that you’re not scared and you’re not an easy mark. It happened to me last week at the beach. These bros were trying to get one up on me and I looked through them and one even said “where you at” and literally tried to place himself in my field of vision no lie. I just repeated back “where you at” and kept on walking. That was for me a echo that the method works, I was watching on youtube giving dudes advice on how to look at girls or how girls think they want to be admired in a non creepy way which you may scoff at but it went something like this. ‘ Act like your aloof ( in my case its not an act nothing is more interesting than the present moment ) and catch her eye contact for a second and then indirectly look for a fraction of a second then fully look her way knowingly. I know your checking me out and I’m checking you out to what’s up is what’s being transmitted there.  There’s power in indirection. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 12, 2014.

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