Only spiritual defeat…

Now to me there is only spiritual defeat. One can be presented with evidence of loss and not believe. But truly in the heart there is resolve. I got into a fight the other day I didn’t start it but I ended it . At this point in life being 38 it was likely to be with someone in my family and it was. A younger “cousin” distant and trying to make himself part (disowned long ago)   who has always envied me and I never liked in kind. There are people who really are jealous of your family status and it F*s with them a lot.  He tries to get to me by brothering with my younger brother. It came to a head and he’s talking smack walking towards me and goes to pick me up ( drunk courage ) to slam me on the sneak – he wanted to fight. I break his grip loose and get wrist control take him down and get him into a neck lock. There I tell him he’s dead and to bow down to god – I could easily have smashed him but why – people like him are already dead and want to bring you down with them. But when I let him up he acted like he wanted to go again and his brother and my aunt got in his way apparently stopping him  it was an act he was saving face. It could be said that he was not spiritually defeated but to me he has no spirit only envy and jealousy powered by. And in his heart he knows he was defeated, that’s not what I mean by spiritual defeat. You should first know in your heart that you are right in your actions. It is the intention behind the act rather than the act itself that matters. One can look at his or her station in life and feel a sense of inferiority. And be scoffed at by those with plenty who happen to be more successful. Or one could carry his or her self with pride no matter where they happen to be in life. It happens though that it is projected that one should feel lesser for it. I have this you do not don’t you feel beneath me. F you I think we will see. YES some have advantages and happenstance in their favor but we don’t complain about it as we are not spiritually weak. SALUTE!

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 16, 2014.

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