Non Tolerance.

Non tolerance – be tolerant my a** …
Wasn’t a hater more so a miserable F but  STILL I stress not a hater. It’s “raining cats + dogs ” ( gratuitous empathy seeker I am) and the bus is like 10 yards from the stop and won’t let me on. I look closer at the driver  and who should it be … LOL the notorious ball buster herself but that’s not the point its about intolerance. How I am for like behavior. I walk up to the bus entrance and she doesn’t so much as glance  my way albeit – the bus is stuck in traffic and has been  for like 3 light changes no my fault  so  what’s the tax on the bus driver ? That question falls under the category of expecting people to be decent – you just can’t impose that , even thought it seems fair – salute to free will. Anyhow I see who  the driver is and immediately retreat,  then suddenly I am struck by immense energy and instead of heading  back down south  I deicide I won’t ride the bus at all – even in a hurricane I wouldn’t get on a bus with that driver – not to save my life . I ended up on another happy excursion yoga tea in hand , and what should the note attached to it read. “Let your manners speak for you”, how about that right . I go to fiveguys and get a large fry , best fries in America no doubt and to add I make random  jokes with the fly honeys there, laughter is free  , that’s how  I reward bad behavior from randomers, mechanistic worker bees , bless them thought . SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 23, 2014.

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