When I do create…

I take the oath so should you – bullsh*t oblivion. I mean oblivious, I mean see no evil as in F acknowledging negativity. What do I mean by don’t see evil? Obviously not literally I don’t mean SEE I mean don’t study it. At least FAST from studying it until I say so OK ? Deal?! I can’t help but notice the perverse I mean pervasive talk on what haters are doing in rap it’s like a theme  F you haters x y z . Why even study them just bloom I mean BOOM. I’m not inspired by negativity nor do I acknowledge it as such your attention should be on what you love only yes ONLY. These distractions ultimately aim to take us off our center and stop the momentum we have created by our focus on that we want. It doesn’t matter how they do it that’s the goal to stop your top from spinning, don’t heed. When I create it will only come from the heart and above none of that fight of flight bullsh*t . This is a crisis man , driven from stupid sh*t no can do. I shall go to the highest height when I create. I will WILL only light and power – ok done. SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 23, 2014.

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