Walk like Jason…


When I was little , I recall 1 or 2 times my  grandma with amusement would direct my attention to the nervously hurried  man passing by walking on his tiptoes and say – do you want to grow up walking like that. He was a laughing stock and I had the habit of walking mostly on my tiptoes oh no. I paid no heed and never did ( love you grandma )  . I only reference the tale  to make note of the  first time I am aware  of being  conscious of walking rather than just doing it. In the military they teach a way of walking that is powerful yet overstated but maybe just the recipe for soldiers headed into war – cool . I am constantly aware of the way I move its like swimming in gravity – how dare anyone on planet earth declair themselves bored.! So much to accomplish here, EARTHINGSSSSSSSSSSSSS….
Today I’m ruminating on  the most fitting  way to walk with my folk and who should come to mind. JASON, he didn’t walk fast or slow but it was a purposeful walk you knew he was gaining on you and would soon have you in his clutches ,  track star or not.  My aunt the other day randomly suggests I to  teach my brother how to walk with purpose. And I have been told how I walk like I am “going to get it” i.e. man on a mission. I shudder at the indecisiveness in stride so pervasive. Today ahead of us a group of adults no less seemed to be bouncing off one another in some trance not knowing wtf they were doing, alarming just alarming. If I move something has to be accounted for. I use to have the habit of idle movements say , just before reaching for my phone, for a second or 2 all for no apparent reason save for the fact of ritual. I think such habits as idle fidgeting have   a undermining or slowing effect on ones decisiveness as a whole so stop that THANKS. Another thing is walking with overstated aggression, fine your no wimp I can dig it, but with most things the truth is the middle path. And one thing is your natural stride and another is theater stop that too! Then theres the contrived turtle gangsta walk. You’re walking slow in a very obvious way until you see me of course and adapt to the most powerful frame. I spent months literally practicing the way my foot lands on the pavement. When I would meditate I centered attention on the tenseness and gained ground on loosening up my whole body. A second ago I talked about walking I focused my attention on the amount of contact each separate toe had . I made sure my core was activated and arms in rhythm. And most of all sincerely I thank my dad, pops has the coolest walk ever and forever even in worlds to come. I can just tell myself to walk like my dad in any situation, say I walk into a room and all eyes are on me I switch to dad mode. The word they use to use in the 70’s was “spotey” which can be a  variation on the word “sport” as in sporty and since my dad is a car mechanic the definition ile use or sporty is “fast acceleration”, dig that! Yes be sporty or “spotey” not SPOT, SPOOOO’TEEEEEE, get it  ? Walk like Jason tho. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on June 25, 2014.

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