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“Contagiousness” a Wateriest looks …

Germs can be passed on person to person we all know this don’t we. Henry Miller wrote that it was disease not scripture that kept society in check I agree, but were on to something more feathery. The contagion of time perhaps…

Well in the book of 5 rings it is written about, how time is contagious – I was shocked back to my feet. I know this and of course you too. But so long ago those utterances were known – it sets the heart at ease to know. And no less spoken by a swordsman, let me carry on.  Just as sleepiness is contagious, and yawns are contagious,  so too is time. He goes on to say that you can catch your opponent asleep by moving at a variable pace than once they are mimicking it like a school of fish on a subconscious level almost ( again my interpretation ) you can gain time over them and win ( gain time ! ) . Walking is contagious; when people match your pace you have their attention for some reason. When someone approaching me matches my pace I do the unthinkable rather than look at them which is reflex. I slow my pace something totally unexpected by them or accelerate even more . Sometimes I even pause or on occasion do a silly dance they are forced to ignore. To get a time advantage could be ? Under the influence of time one is reflexive to the wielder of it – gain time.  SALUTE

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 1, 2014.

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