Be Calm …


I live this,  and so should anyone moving towards elite action. I know the word elite is loaded but if you know me it won’t be as alarming. Be calm … While on the Metrorail  yesterday I’m chilling in my zone soaking in the good vibes – we live in an amazing time I am smart enough to realize this fact. In steps a security guard who immediately fixates on me like a hater. But why ? I look at him and nod – I figured he wanted to be acknowledged. You’d be surprised how offended some people are when you don’t let them know you see them . It wasn’t condescending but it is the same acknowledgment  I would give anyone not just a cop – and I don’t think it sat well  . A girl boards the train wheeling a baby stroller and she runs over my foot not once but twice and says nothing – no excuse me or sorry ( the acknowledgment thing again )  .  I say wow she’s just going to run over my foot like that – the things some do for attention it’s no wonder . It was as if nothing happened she was being mean  and because the security guard was there she probably decided I would say nothing. He immediately goes into tuff guy mode barking how I needed to move my feet in at once or get off the train. WTF ? I knew it this MF wanted to get his kicks by picking a confrontation with me he knew he would win so he thought. And another thing I look much younger than I am actually and a kid probably would have reacted they way he had anticipated. I say I don’t see anything posted about how to sit on the train. I’m a man I’m not sitting with my legs closed and close to my seat like a girl. My nuts will breathe and my feet will have room for blood circulation. See man, that’s what was agitating him for the start I was not going to placate an authority and my body language spoke for me.  The misstep I did make however was to ask the girl if she asked me if I could move my feet as she got on the train – wouldn’t you know she blatantly lies and says she did – f*ing cunt !  I should have known better she came off as low class and  partial to ignorant drama – I’m not judging tho.  Then the security guard tells me I came at him wrong WTF ? I didn’t say anything to buddy and I again deferred to the girl – did I say anything to him , she said no. Finally some truth from her mouth as its she who he is capeing for, sadly ( cape – think superman ) .  He was talking  lout and I was calm AF I’m not going to mimic his frame like a poisonous contagion. I resolved to stay calm and be the better man and long story short the same girl  was shooting me vibes when he got off the train but I have self respect enough to be disgusted by the gesture in light of what preceded it. You’re not going to beat me for my cool – and especially over something so trivial. Lesson for today class is be cool.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 7, 2014.

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