How to climb a coconut tree…


So yesterday I’m stalking through the grassy part of the strip on ocean in part to mitigate the non verbal interaction human do.  It’s an undue tax as I am on a mission not being unfriendly at all but there will be plenty of time to vibe later on – and that I did. Up ahead I see 2  dudes talking to tourist and seeming to be hustling coconuts at the same time.  They used no ladder nor the pvc pipe duct tape contraption with a hook at the tip to get them down – they were climbing the trees – dope I thought I want to learn that . I bought a coconut   a steal at 2 bucks all else considered. Anyway long story short I came back like an hour later and asked them to teach me the technique of climbing the coconut tree which I will do my best to impart to you . It was another 2 bucks for the lesson, a steal!

1 clean your feet. Really clean, it is important obviously you want to generate the most traction.

2 Use the ball of your feet to climb with.

3 plant your feet at the base of the tree and  your hands around it – make sure your knees are close as possible to your chest, let me say, this is what I didn’t do on my own . Now pull your body weight away from the tree by leaning back as much as you can.  Make sure your arms are outstretched angled upwards to about eye level your back is  straight to get planted firmly enough while moving up the tree leverage my friends . Huge !

4  look for pronounced indentations in the surface of the tree to plant your feet in as you go up , basically little mounds, they are there and they are your friend , and remember you don’t have to stay on one side of the tree you can move around it as you climb looking for the best place to plant your feet.

I didn’t actually see him take the coconut down I said it was enough to learn the technique plus I only  paid 2 dollars for the lesson I’m not on some slave master sh*t . Anyway hope this was helpful. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 7, 2014.

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