Psychological Defeat (my favorite leaf to magnify ) … The panacea is blessing the world


Yes boys and girls lessons in voodoo once more. But woe is he who does not study psychological defeat. Tells far too numerous to recant assail my dome. It is with great resolve that I recount how through unskilled observation I met defeated only to air. And to witness a vortex of emotions hold in bondage a giant on account of mere words hurled in the air at them. So thin and intangible in retrospect, how ungodly of us.
The only way to beat me is to kill me – let that be your mantra. If you are not physically stronger than me you haven’t a prayer – let that too be your mantra. And even still I do not agree – as only the body dies. I am not being dramatic the greatest fear is that of death is it not? To be defeated mentally one must be drunk with the feeling of guilt. Who is perfect cast the first stone, accept yourself as you are FFS. Mental defeat what is it – an agreement to be lesser than someone else. What can I do to undo the capacity to ever be under another mentally for all time.
Here’s how to be immune to mental defeat.
Bless the world, show goodwill to others. Actions transcend emotions. Someone wrongs you don’t sulk stuck under a spell. How dare you be hypnotized by trolls. How dare you shrink because of anyone. Add life and light to the world and thus prevail always . SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on July 7, 2014.

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