I write Esoteric Lyrics ?

Abstract esoteric “DEEP” words used to describe my rhyming style but I invite you to please look again. You need the “secret decoder ring” and your good – here I’ll explain. In popular rap music “making it rain” is a metaphor for a flamboyant displays of wealth where “stacks” of single dollar bills are hurled into the atmosphere at the vibrating “booty”  of a stripper. It isn’t literally raining folks but everyone gets it , it’s called a metaphor. Everyone knows what a stack means ( 1000$ ) a bird ( kilo of cocaine I think )  and even a “stick” ( automatic weapon – used to kill other black dudes ) , and if you don’t know now you know. As you can see the question is not of mysterious language but of familiarity. I intentionally reframe the thinking along the lines of nature & energy.  For example I agree that everything is somehow connected. So if I say in a verse. All is one, that isn’t profound at all if you know where I’m coming from you get it, it’s not “deep” it’s not common is all. I view the world as a ocean metaphorically  where people act on different “levels” of awareness. Some are shallow and I often reference “the depths” which for me means things below the superficial way of seeing things. I have a song called “leave the surface” ( produced by DJ Induce ) which delves into it in song. Why reframe what people are use to, my cross to bear , I can’t help it . I wish I could water my sh*t down for the masses, but no I don’t – I lie.  I have always been fighting the momentum of the ignorant past and its hold on us ( some of us ) .  It’s not about sounding smart or deep but I do require some level of awareness of the part of my  listener – it’s reciprocal. You gain knowledge of self and make the world a better place for all of us and thus we paint beautiful worlds for you to visit and revisit, on  your travels! SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on August 28, 2014.

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