Take them to the depths . ( Abyss )

Thinking about this from the perspective of “a fighter” as I have heard this stated a dozen times in very interesting conversations and agreed with them but until now I have never fully internalized what it meant. A fighter who is in better condition otherwise equally matched to his opponent will win. You push them pass the threshold of pain and they fold. You take them to the depths. Or the edge or the abyss as you can probably tell  I fancy those places. But I try to see if a theory applies in more general context – that’s just how my mind wonders.  So taking someone to the depths in a argument say, what would it entail?  I’m getting to a place to where talk is trivial. I’m like ether you beat me up or shut the F up literally. Most of humans do is just posturing, once you realize this viscerally YOU-WIN. And on some primitive sh*t I think your only chance of winning is somehow convincing me you are mentally somehow superior my response again is F you show me.  Lets go to the depths, is this outlook to extreme ? SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 5, 2014.

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