How To Become a BEAST ( Behold the BEAST ) …

And so it was, another day, and upon reckoning it was decided. I am a beast …

What happened on this day and not on the last is simply unknown. Unknown to many that is. One simply walks the walks then finally lands at beast-dom, DOPE !. Like going to the edge of the earth or something once believed, and even blood spilled over such foolishness.  And yet  there is an edge, really, one’s own idea of his or her own brink . Like the Kundilini awakening as it was taught to me. A serpent  uncoils from the base of the spine making its way up to the center of the skull and cracking the seed releasing like, an energy  nectar to purify the body and reset ones perception. Like I said, how it was taught to me… Continue on, for you “will” know! SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on September 18, 2014.

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