Meditation while on Modafinil

So “the Nootropic edge”, as always my friends this isn’t medical advice only my version of the story. I was fortunate to have experienced the state of flow via meditation way before I went to the dark side with “drugs”. At least 6  years of meditating on and off. I went very deep into the abyss. So when I first experienced Modafinil I said, I know this place very well, it wasn’t new so to speak. For me meditations benefits are cumulative so you build up momentum by doing it ritually like with weights. The knack of meditation is to not use effort or have a goal, the benefit is in the doing not the rewards. So there, you meditate to get into the flow state subconsciously at least, and you inadvertently create a blockage in flow. Enter MODE ( Modafinil ) For me it takes away the unnecessary itch to achieve enlightenment. Sigh of relief, now meditation is once again for me about being in the moment not outdoing the gnarly states I once upon a time achieved where I felt the  3rd eye cracking open. Also the first level of meditation where you feel disturbed by sound  or inner chatter is mostly gone, making for a perfect lunge pad to become an abyssal missile – ALREADY. SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 9, 2014.

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