THEY want to KILL you …

THEY WANT TO KILL YOU, literally, however roundabout the way. They want to kill you spiritually and psychologically. They want to cripple you financially, making it hard for you  to provide which may lead to hunger, poverty, depression so on,  which is a form of death and death in the case of starvation. Yes they want to kill you, shit is real. Are you still sleeping, oh I’m extreme. Well what is the logical conclusion of negative people i.e. haters, negation, duh.  That is to say, anti-life my friends. They want to poison your life beware, it is a crisis my friends. When you know someone wants to kill you-your are more alert, your senses decalcify. Decalcify your F*ing senses my friends, it is on. Move with power and purposefully my friends SOS SOS. SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on October 9, 2014.

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