Why I wouldn’t but now override the intuition to NOT give to beggars. If that passed you, I now give to beggars. Story, a kid asks for a dollar yesterday, I say no but then say what the heck and throw him a buck ;after seeing the hustle as he asking everyone there. Yo , thanks, not at all, you know, it went. In a more enlightened society you could give without feeling the owing being emanating from the recipient, feigned or otherwise. For a thinker it does take consideration, I like to help others I really do, too bad we are not enlightened enough as a society to transact kindness without some tension. Such feathery things reveal a lot about where we are. Even still be the sun, the sun shines no less even as it beams down from space, it burns sure enough without fail, for now.  SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 24, 2014.

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