Signs of life …


I’m “at work” ( lol@self ) totally entangled with the task of untangling a tie-down that a “co-worker” (spy,snitch,slave )  unwittingly had knotted . File under helping others, file under magnanimity, file under practicing being in the moment. Seriously I imagined myself in a jiu-jitsu competition and while as a spectator we imagine how we would totally dominate the opponent, at least I do, in reality no so easy, I thought I could cinch the knot being one with the universe and all, fastforward some 30 minutes later I’m still rolling. When suddenly up walks a dude asking for direction to the cafeteria. I give directions then he immediately tells me how unhelpful people were on campus  and that he is from Argentina and he noticed that even the people at registrations were unfriendly and in some sort of a daze, I said like robots to which he ecstatically agreed. He was there helping his daughter register for classes and told me that he doesn’t like how people are here and that he liked to deal with real people, and that I am. Not only that he walked back up from a distance to introduce himself and shake my hand and then met his daughter again and they were on their way. SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 1, 2014.

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