Embrace Paranoia. ( thanks to Duncan Trussel ) …

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I am para, I do not hear voices or think I am explicitly being hunted (maybe not ) . Yet I am a black man in America, woe is me, no thanks, just the facts son! I sense  I’m being racially profiled I sense I am being followed in stores, I sense that people judge me for the color of my skin, I sense that the police is my nemesis, so see I am paranoid . Yet I am healthy, happy, and winning, here’s why (because I’m a god b*tch !!! )  . But seriously,  I embrace the paranoia I don’t resist it.

How to embrace paranoia you say?  For example, you enter a store and the security guard blank stares you as you enter, rather than resist the obvious response, embrace it, notice I dont paint what that response might be. Then imagine everyone and everything is focused on you, every sound and ever object is directing its attention towards you. “My” theory ( I think ) , when someone stares you down the tendency is to zero in on them and block out all other sensory input. To become dazed by the sometimes primal chemical changes occurring in your body rather than to contextualize the event, that’s the response the security guard in this case is trying to implicit, I’m watching you, I know who you are. By devouring the world with all your sense you become one with everything and an all-powerful M*therF*cker ironically. Paranoia is good, devour your environmental sensory input and become a god, don’t put up walls tho … ! SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 2, 2014.

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