Why Workout Addicts love the Internet…

There’s the idea that most people who lift weights or exercise religiously are merely overcompensating. This I consider only partially to be true. Someone decides – I want bigger arms or I want to lose the gut or become the best version of myself possible, or even, have the audacity, to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex ( how blasphemous! ) . It could be argued that such a person does not accept who they are by default, and to compensate for their deficiency in esteem they want to “get big”. It’s is finally a matter of perspective and while surely a percentage of people will fall into the category of unhealthy overcompensation we’ll say, blanketing the whole group reeks of “hateration” and the most petty brand of trolling. Thanks to the internet ones intentions can be laid bare for all to see with no chaser. It’s up to us to discern if or to what extent a person is a fraud. But doesn’t this same formula apply to any given situation. I feel that “we” are being lied to as a group; I feel we are being marketed to in such a way as to deny the self-actualization instinct. A denial of the body that is religiously imprinted can explain the disproportionate spread of what I term as self-righteous fat people. I feel as though we are designed to move and it is a marked devolution we see in the sedentary lifestyle currently the norm. In writing this a rebellious spirit is growing in my heart which, having a more skilled pen I could being to describe but alas I can only hope to impart the traces of what I am feeling. SALUTE !
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 15, 2014.

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