Mental Piles…


That makes 2 piles I helped clear in less than a 2 hour span? There is a there-there it does seem. Piles, random objects thrown into the corner many false starts but never fully fished through. It takes an avalanche of momentum alas to move those sorted things, or does it. Funny isn’t it that a stranger to our pile can blaze through it with haste, just throw it all away its junk. Totally detached from the weight, a feather can become a bolder in the mind and that’s for sure. Perhaps there is a diamond lost in those piles of paper, a letter telling of a surprise fortune , or just junk, and thus lingering. But how does it translate, perhaps these external piles signify something profound in the world. The inner world, incompletion , uncertainty, hope, those familiar states manifest themselves not only in the mind but in compassing like a gravity or sorts, is it not?! SALUTE – ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 22, 2014.

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