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Do you also sometimes have the “and-by-the-way” refrain, nagging at you, suggesting that your work is “all-for-not”? Castles in the sand my friend’s castles in the sand. But alas, what else to do besides good work. If we become enthralled in the doing we have thus arrived so say the wise . Never mind how receptive the world may be, perhaps we were born before our time. Demonic, to say the earth was round was once so. We too have stupid reasons to kill . But alas only words, we have just words! The voice or reason is drowned out by the mob. I say, outlive the mob and win. Be steadfast and possess timeless endurance, be always on 10 i.e. ( “ON” ) – FULL BLAST!. SALUTE – ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 22, 2014.

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