Poised, F*it!

Sh*t man, am I scorched earth? I learned a thing or two about defending myself and F if I haven’t been on a Ayuaska ceremony and sh*t. Side note, same writer as before, this is AquanautST( the infamous ) minus interaction with sheep, f*ing energy draining low spirited sheep, enjoy ! OK, scorched earth , I wouldn’t say I am on guard but I’m always poised to defend myself. And it’s weird when dudes want to display alphaness and I’m poised like a coiled cobra feigning oblivion and sh*t. A funny story happened recently where opted to call for help I call my cousin to mitigate a situation. He got to the scenes and literally had to take down my other so called family member because they charged at him and got into the kill zone. That only means he could, my dear cousin was in harms way, there’s no time to figure it out when a dude is up in your face, i.e. kill zone. Anyway I feel so bad about it because my cousin to me is like a deity and for a mere mortal such as this so called family member to transgress the law put me in a certain rare state. They said they were going to get guns and it was on. Remember this is so called “family”. Me and my cousin waited for them to come back, I waited in the road with my arms extended like you going to have to kill me. The F*** N***** just came back talking MORE sh*t. I said not one word to him wheras my older cousin was telling him I had to subdue you because you ran up on me, but he didn’t want to fight him. My older cousin the god, just repeated I don’t want to fight you, as the so called family member said what he would do, I said nothing but remained poised, it was commented that I looked ready to smash sh*t, I guess my mask of acting nonchalant was very thin , oh well. There have been instances where the primary instinct would be to say oh sh*t and be startled by an event but I run to rather than away from the loud noise. A friend of mind says you always look like your about to save the world and sh*t , like I’de be the one and sh*t. Bless her heart I will gladly accept that compliment, if you stay ready you know the rest…. SALUTE !
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 29, 2014.

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