Meditation while exercising ( de-exorcising)…

I command you to grow – CT Fletcher

– Visualization
– Attention
– Channeled Euphoria
It strikes me that attention is energy, and that thoughts are energy, and that mental states cause chain reactions in the body. I channel my higher states during exercise as a sort of nutrition. It’s amazing it that, I often become self-conscious in doing so as if cheating. I might direct a sense of euphoria that was generated during my workout towards a recent situation I feel badly about or a doubt or regret and obliterate it. One can build and direct energy to a wound like a comic book character I suppose. But not only that, one can reflect the same energy back onto itself like two mirrors facing each other and project that towards another. I could be wrong but when I see someone who is stricken in some way, maybe handicapped or frail from old age. I will generate that energy and project it towards them and sometimes get overcome , in private of course , hoping to enliven them. Of course without them knowing as no one wants to be thought of as stricken or weak. Let our meditations enliven invigorate and embolden! SALUTE!
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 19, 2015.

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