At Night !

At Night

This verse was written on some, move in the cover of night sh*t, metaphorically it could mean, humbling one’s self in the game. Not being showy, and thus avoiding unnecessary clashes with opposition. I think I wrote it in the context of the corporate work environment. Where backstabbing and snitching run a muck. One could argue against moving at night so to speak and would have a point. But in life wisdom prevails in the end, or so I am told! SALUTE – ST

Verse !

I minimize my contact with robots act before I go nuts, at these lonely phony lots.
Who’ve memorized they’re lies. He thrives in the factory, that is satisfactory why strive.
I to the hive am refractory I dive. Bold alive, no care of what’s to be.
No heir to the fold, see I agree with the tress, but from afar I’ll assist.
From the abyss a star ablaze, guitar I strum . Where I come from we aid but we do not beg the dumb to become saved, cus F yall!
Even if light night struck y’all you’ll be the same, B* even if hit by a train you would remain trained.
I duck y’all, I duck y’all lames, this is all at night.

– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 20, 2015.

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