Comfort – Discomfort – Transcendence!

planted in water

Comfort – Discomfort – Transcendence


Odd is it, how the microscopic can lend meaning to the  epic, the program stored inside of a kernel . During a contrast shower no less I experience this. A cold shower ,  I brace  before turning   from warm to cold water. I brace then I embrace the sudden coldness. The discomfort lasts for a second then something happens , I stop resisting what is, it is cold water and this is how cold water feels. Then suddenly its nothing at all,  its just different from warm water but not better or worst. I am then resolute and affirmed .The discomfort in a sense acts as a doorway or a light switch; it acts as something of a reset, which is why I only take contrast showers ever. Discomfort holds the key for sure, I feel like Einstein getting bright ideas in the shower and all! SALUTE!

– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 9, 2015.

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