Co-Sign Walking on all 4’s , going primal – ACTIVATE !I


In little league football we called it “crabbing”, running on all 4’s across the field during practice drills.

Aubrey Marcus posted a keen insight I think recently on his facebook page. He pointed out how 2 champion MMA fighters ( Jones / McGregor )  would crawl around the octagon on all 4’s as they  entered the cage. He pointed out how they were both getting grounded, and tapping into some primal force. I have been thinking of being grounded all the time now. Since training in Akaido some months back. If nothing else I learned the difference between bruit strength and leverage. I know Akaido is scoffed at in many fighting  circles for its magical mystical leanings , touché-touché! Recently I begin to train by crawling  up and down steep stairs on all 4’s. I reached a point where I was moving most efficiently and achieved a relative  degree of fluidity in my movement when suddenly, it kicked in! IT, being a moment where I saw the effectiveness of combining my arms and legs together to make power, some groovy sh*t man. Next level tho, try it out ! SALUTE

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 12, 2015.

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