How to find High Quality Digital Clip Art ( Giving the game away ) …


I “borrow” images from EBooks , that’s the game, end of post, the rest is particulars. How to extract images from pdfs. I use Foxit Advance pdf editor. Click on image using the “object tool” then I goto Edit>Images>Extract to file to choose what type of file I want the image extracted to,jpeg,tiff, etc ( a box will appear around the image once selected ) … You may encounter some  pdf’s with password protection, Pdf password remover tools murk that in most insurances.

This way I get high quality images to use in my work, it’s like sampling music to make beats, you don’t want to outright copy the original but flip-it to make something new and original, and that’s the game! SALUTE !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 12, 2015.

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