Creating Fires ( Some make it rain , we bring heat ) …

I go into a mode, I implode. I give license, I bestow,  that’s what um here for. As a bee for pollination. One  of these days I’ll video it. How I stoke & turn-up the environ’s i’m in, but it’s not “me”, but the spirit moving through me . I learned that movement is the magical elixir #catharsis-mode . Action is superior to inaction said Krishna to Arjuna in the GITA an epic battle of the heavens, I agree. Or rather it is, I or no I .  The fire in me is that of revolt to social conditioning – the caste . Expressing the energy which is the creative force of the universe and sh*t . I speak only of movement and of action, that is the only thing real, we say but what do we do. Be not had by the contrary words that form around you . Actions speak louder than words my kin – stoke sh*t  ALREDY ! SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 13, 2015.

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