Force of Nature part 2 !

Today I’m peaked,  #murkathon, to the point to where I feel electrified. Suddenly who should magically appear as I round the corner of the track headed to the bars but  THEE – Force of Nature, RUNNING, she was. RUNNING to meet me says my ego brain-computer, she must have seen me before I saw her through the fence of the track , now she’s  “walk-running” in my direction from the parking lot tho, binary stars I say!

I go, hey, no running on the grass ( or some sh*t) . She scoffs then smiles, she then asks me where I’m coming from, I say, Africa. Yes I say Africa, don’t ask me why it was spontaneous, maybe because she reminds me of Africa, in the realest sense, pure and uncut . Spitting from the survival scrolls son! As she passes by I’m like F this I’m going all the way in. I ask her where she’s going. Africa,  she pauses then  spits back like it was the obvious answer . Africa I reply, it’s right here with my arms outstretched – being spontaneous  again . She got game ,as she prances off the other way. I head over to the pull-up bars and she doubles back with a friend ( perhaps who she was running to meet in the first place ). Puzzled now I couldn’t think of what else to say – wits end and they stroll by . The plot thickens, I don’t know what I’m liable to say, but I’m on the case, no pressure! SALUTE

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~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 13, 2015.

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