Untitled1SMD Biaaachhh!

That’s just how I feel, yes, meant as the most primitive insult, from the gut. You want to project negative energy at me. In return I project my dick! The whole setup is to make you a b*tch in the game, I been saying it forever! You mentally enslave them and own they’re energy, make them battery packs yo! I think to myself, they don’t really want war, but my gut tells me all they can understand is uncivilized sh*t, no problem. I do it when I am being stared down, I project my life force energy back at them, it’s no way i’m going to turn down haters!. You don’t have to even direct your attention at them, just beam out your testicular fortitude at them hoes! The visceral reaction to being in the presence of greatness is what? Hatred. I don’t see why , I have only admiration for others, bless-up ! I think there is abundance for the willing. Like I said , for “the willing”. You want me to NOT know myself. That I was born a champion and that the game is of control of the ignorant sheep. F*** out of here yo, suck my DICK ! SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on April 3, 2015.

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