She goes …

She goes, can she have some, I’m munching on plantains and pacing to a beat in the earbuds , it was in the way that she asked it ,the implicit message ( yea she can “have some” alright ) .. I tell her that she’s too late, without missing a beat. And the crowd she’s with starts laughing. F* running game my G, just be in your zone and you’ll be amazed. Laissez-faire …

True, I’m just some random dude on the net but add this to your book of rhymes anyway, it can’t hurt, my heart is pure plus my spirit is right tho…

She goes, do you have a dollar, it’s only a dollar so I say sure, it’s for her friend who needs it for the bus. I slide her a slab then I go back to what I am doing , bopping to the beat. She comes over, sits down next to me and sparking a vibrant conversation, a-go. This is normal, but what I HATE, is the work environment where female coworkers devalue you based on hierarchy but would react totally different if we crossed paths on the streets. True, it’s the norm, women and men coworkers both fall under the spell of the workplace and act sh*tty towards each other based on pecking order, slavishly! But when women slight you as a man it seems more “insidious”( ? ) than just the usual primitive work environment games we play. Because “in the wild” you would just ditch (meaning; to avoid! ) a crazy b*tch , but at work your FORCED to see them everyday ! And that’s vice versa when dudes are creepy towards women at work ,no pressure I feel you. I’m like B*tch I know I’m the sh*t F* what you heard, that’s in response to the mock belittling games some women play at word/ the plantation. If I don’t like you I don’t like you, move on, you’re a fake petty ho, thee end. It’s strange, you group men and women together and pretend that there will be no sexual tension between the two. If a girl thinks you think another girl is pretty and not her, there will be repercussions. Were animals so on some level it will just come across without any overt show of fondness, it’s just nature. I have a very visceral aversion to fakeness is all. And you can see it on my face, haven’t been able to mask it yet, which would be much to my determent, that’s IF ,I gave a F****!

She goes, I see you got on your hater-blockers ( sunglasses on in the office ) , I go “ ha”, she goes “you alright? ”, condescendingly . I go, oh boy, then tune her out as she squawks off a parting inanely worded comment, for absolutely no reason. You guessed it a b*tch in the work place acting out . It’s like they almost pick a fight with the god…

She says , want, the rest. I say sure. A relatively new girl at work , very classy not-for-nothing , she offers me the rest of her pack of skittles, which I don’t ever eat but accept them as a good gesture. I even eat them triumphantly. And NO I didn’t think she wants to F* because she’s being nice! But I know immediately she’s probably not a corporate climbing b*tch because she was just acting normal, like as in really normal as a girl would be to me in real life. I fight for my nuts every day, I repel the corporate ladder climbing b*tches and they’re fake passes to lure me in to some nightmare alleged harassment murk. I salute the normal women who aren’t all psycho at work where they can exact some punishment on the men they have access to, b*ch I am not the top 1% corporate white males who your punishing me for , get a f*ing clue, as they say. SALUTE
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 22, 2015.

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